Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Olympic week: Sunday

Shawn Johnson

Shawn's websight-

OK so SHAWN JOHNSON. My favorite gymnast of all time. No wonder I am doing her first.

Born on January 19th, 1992 in Des Moines, Ia, Johnson is the only child of Doug and Teri Johnson. Shawn Johnson won four medals at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. She won the gold medal on balance beam, the silver in the all-around, silver in floor exercises, and helped the us win the team silver. Shawn Johnson only trains 20 to 25 hours a week instead of the whopping 40 most other elite gymnast train. She attends public high school where she is on the honor roll.

little known facts about Shawn Johnson

Her Favorite Color is turquoise.

In Iowa, October 17th was deemed "Sawn Johnson Day" by Governor Chet Culver.

Her Favorite Band is Rascal Flatts.

Her favorite School Subjuet is English

Her Hobbies are scrapbooking and walking dogs at a local animal shelter.

Her Favorite Gymnast is Kim Zmeskal

She has been pictured on McDonald's Cups and Coca-Cola boxes.

Her Favorite athlete in Another Sport is Lance Armstrong

Her Favorite foods are steak and chicken kabobs, strawberries.

Her favorite book is "You Go Girl", by Kim Doren and Charlie Jones.

Well thats what Shawn for you!

Olympic week

Next week I will start what I will call Olympic week. Every day I will post a new video from YouTube about one of my favorite Olympians. I will also post some info and back ground on that person. Those of you who have looked at my other blog recently all ready know our hard drive is full so I can't upload anything or my computer will crash. So this is my alternative.... Olympic week... and videos from YouTube.

Flipside website link

I just thought I would post a link to my gym website for those of you who are wondering where I take. Like I've said before I take at Flipside trampoline and tumbling in Syracuse. here is the link.


Coaches at Nationals

Hi guys!!! OK so I have no tumbling this week because all my coaches are at nationals at Virginia Beach I wish I could have gone but I'm level 7 and my coach doesn't take us until we are level 8. Next year!!! This year I hit qualification scores at both state and region championships! (on floor) I have qualified every year on floor since level 5. So I am hoping to continue this qualifying streak next year and hopefully it will be somewhere fun! Any way I just wanted to wish my team mates who are at Virginia Beach Luck. Luv You guys!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Utah summer Games

The state games of the west

Last Sunday I got back from St. George where I had my last competition of the season. The Utah Summer Games. This was a fun competition probably because I took gold on all three events. This was a generally small meet compared to State and Regional Championships. but it was a nice way to end the season. Here are some pictures

The long drive down.

having fun in the car.

The beautiful scenery.

our car window paint. Go Flipside!!!

Check in

Havin' Fun at opening ceremonies

Fire works

First time on the podium

On the podium yet again

Still on top undefeated

Talking to friends (the second place girl was in the bathroom when they where calling awards. I think it was kind of funny. Her mom had to go get her.)

my medals

my scores:
Tramp-My goal was to get better than 23.00 I slaughtered it with a 25.30 and got first!
Double-Mini- My goal for double mini and floor was to get gold. I did just that with a score of 25.30
Floor-I got a score of 52.80 and On top of the meadle stand again with first place!
This was one of my favorite meets and we had a blast and my team did very well. Sorry I don't have any video my computer wouldn't let me upload them. I'll post pictures from previous meets during the year.

team pictures

These are a fiew of my favorite pictures from last years team pictures.

Trampoline Olympics Athens 2004

This is a vidieo of some of the trampoline at the 2004 olympics in athens. These are the top level athletes and I think they make it look so easy. Trust me It's not that easy.

skill dictionary

I decided I would make a skill dictionary to make it easier to understand me and so I don't have to define every skill when I come across it. So if you ever are reading and come across a skill that is unfamiliar to you come back to the skill dictionary and look it up. I hope this helps!

Back walkover

Definition: A back walkover is performed on floor and beam, and is considered a basic skill in gymnastics.

In a back walkover, the gymnast starts in a standing position, then:
•Lifts one leg up and arches back until his/her hands touch the ground
•Pushes off the leg on the ground and shifts his/her weight to his/her hands
•Passes through a handstand position, with legs close to or in a split position
•Steps down from the handstand


Definition: The word form is used in gymnastics to describe the way an athlete does his/her skills. Good form is to perform the move with the right body positions -- usually straight legs, pointed toes, and arms in the correct position.

Good form can vary from skill to skill. For example, good form in a back tuck would be to have the legs tucked and together, with toes pointed. In a regular handstand, however, good form would be to keep the legs straight.
Also Known As: Execution

Press handstand
Definition: A press to handstand is a basic skill in which the gymnast starts in a standing or seated position, and slowly rolls up into a handstand position.

It can be done with the legs straddled or together, and is performed on the balance beam, floor exercise, parallel bars, and rings.

The skill requires balance, flexibility, and strength.


Definition: A round-off is a very basic gymnastics move. It is similar to a cartwheel, except the gymnast ends by bringing his legs together and snapping his legs down into a standing position.

A round-off is often used at the beginning of a tumbling pass to gain momentum, and many female gymnasts perform a round-off into a back flip variation as their dismount on beam.
Also Known As: round off

Definition: A Barani is a gymnastics move in which a gymnast performs a forward flip with 1/2 twist. It can be done in a tuck, pike, or layout position.

Definition: A rudi is a gymnastics move in which a gymnast performs a forward flip with 1 1/2 twists. It can be done in a tuck, pike, or layout position.

Stuck Landing
Definition: When a gymnast lands a tumbling pass, vault, or dismount without moving his/her feet, it is called a stuck landing.

The aim of every gymnast is to stick -- if the gymnast moves his/her feet at all it is a deduction.

On floor exercise, men are expected to stick their tumbling passes, while women are allowed to take one step back into a lunge without a deduction.
Also Known As: sticking the landing, stick

Touch warm-up
Definition: The touch warm-ups are the very last chance for an athlete to warm up on the apparatus in a competition.

Because sometimes it can be a long period of time between the regular warm-ups and when the athlete competes, s/he is given a touch immediately before competing on that specific apparatus. It's usually 30 seconds in length -- enough time for him/her to do a few skills and regain the feel for the equipment.

The main purpose of a touch warm-up is safety.
Also Known as:warm ups, touch (ex.first touch, second touch etc.)

Definition: A skill without hands, such as a no-handed cartwheel, walkover, or round-off.

a jump backward with a half turn into a front somersault

Back Handspring
a jump backward onto the hands, followed by a quick Punch from the hands to the feet(also called flip-flop or flic-flac)

back bend
A position in which the body is curved backward making an arch. Hands and feet are flat on the floor.
Also called: Bridge

A forward moving skill with gymnast taking off on two feet to the hands, followed by a quick Punch from the hands to two feet.

front hand spring

A forward moving skill with gymnast taking off with feet stepping one two to the hands, followed by a quick punch from the hands to two feet.

Front through to Back

a tumbling pass that begins with a punch front and ends with a back somersault

a back somersault with a twist. A full- in is a double back salto with a full twist during the first salto. A full-out is a double back salto with a full twist during the second salto.

A double back salto with a half twist on the first salto. A half-out is a double back salto with a half twist on the second salto.

spring from the feet to the hands to the feet again. It is used as its own skill or as a linked skill an can be done forward or backward.

a salto performed in a stretched body position, straight or slightly arched.

a position in which the body is bent more than 90 degrees at the hips while straight legs are maintained.

Punch front
a front salto with takeoff from two feet

a front flip with two and a half twists

A flip or somersault, with the feet coming over the head and the body rotating the axis of the waist (without hands)

any movement in which the gymnast flips and rotates in a complete circle in the air
Also known as: Somi, sommie
(not what you thought was it. What you where probably thinking of is really called a forward roll not a somersault. The word somersault is misused very commonly, when you say to your three year old "do a somersault" you are really telling her to do a back flip. But not many know this. It is really called a forward roll)

A position in which the legs are extended apart, making a straight line. Middle or straddle splits are done with the body facing forward and the legs extended to the sides. Left splits are done with the left leg forward and the right leg extended back. Right splits are done with the right leg forward and the left leg extended back.

A position used in leaps and jumps in which the legs are extended apart to the sides while the hips remain centered. Straddle jumps and leaps for high-level gymnast should be at or over 180 degrees (a full split).

A forward or back somersault in the tuck position.

Tuck Position
hips are bent at a more than 90 degrees with legs completely bent and knees touching chest.

flip or somersault, with the feet coming up over the head and the body rotating side to side.

move with gymnast beginning on leg moving through fa bridge (back bend) position to end on one foot with legs remaining split throughout the skill. This skill can be done forward or backward.

no handed back handspring used to generate power and speed into another skill

Monday, June 14, 2010


These are pictures of the competion trampolines we use. They are much more bouncy than the one in your back yard and they can send the elite tumblers up to 30 feet in the air! It's prety amazing if you ask my!

Double Mini Trampoline

This is a picture of a double mini Trampoline.

happy go lucky hair

This is my other blog I started a while ago and just thought I would put it on here so you can all see. It might be easier to understand than my tumbling blog. So I hope you enjoy!!!

the coolest tumbling video in the world

This is my favorite power tumbling video of all time. I think it is truly amazing what the human body can do.

Double Mini trampoline video

This is a vidio of double mini, for those of you going "what!" and no It's not me, I'm not that good yet


 Update! I decided to update this because a few things have changed.
I am sorry if any of this information is incorrect about anyone.

I started a hair blog and had so much fun with it I decided I would start another blog about my number one love and that's tumbling. first I want to tell you a little about my tumbling history.
I started Tumbling when I was seven years old at Tiffany's Dance Academy. The first day I went in My teacher kept asking me if I had ever taken before. I hadn't and she didn't believe me. When my mom came to pick me up she asked her and she assured her that I've never taken before. My teacher told my mom I was to good for this class and I needed to come to an intermediate class.
After A year at Tiffany's my mom decided she wanted to start me with a different teacher because the teacher I was with was really a dance teacher and not a tumbling teacher and my mom didn't think I was learning as much as I could.
So after a while looking around I started tumbling at "Jill's house" I tumbled with my best friend in Jill's unfinished basement. Jill was a good teacher and I had a blast learning from her in her unfinished basement on that one mat we had until she decided she wasn't going to teach any more.
After another couple of months of looking for a knew teacher I started at Flipside Tumbling where I am now with Jill (a different Jill) as my coach. Jill was an Elite world champion. She told us about her last competition she ever went to. It was in Japan and she took gold. (a good way to end I think)
When I started at flipside we had one long mat and one long tumble trampoline that comes about up to my knees. After a while we got a spring board that was about half the size of a competition spring board.
I learned my back handspring and was invited onto Flipsides first comp team in 2006. I went to my first competition in October of 2007.
In about 2008 we moved buildings and joined "Lance" (one of my coaches) at his gym down the street. Jill and Lance shared the gym until they decided that Jill should own the gym and she bought him out. Lance still coaches for us and is a head coach next to Jill.
In 2009 we moved buildings yet again to the building we are in now.
In 2008 we got a double mini. Most of you are probably wondering what a double mini is. It is a trampoline that has two parts the first part is at an angle and the second part is flat. I will do another post on all the equipment.
Last year we got a competition trampoline. I love that thing It is so bouncy but it makes it really hard to control your body.
So the three events in power tumbling are, Floor, Double mini trampoline, and trampoline. I hope this makes sense.

This year I competed level 7 and am hoping for level 8 next year witch means I could go to nationals!!! I'm so excited!!!

Last year I competed level 6 once at regional. Then once this year for my first meet. Then moved up to level 7. And cruised through it. I have the passes for level 8 and am working on my full so I can get higher difficulty.

*This year I have been working to move up to level 8 on floor. I  got my full and now I am putting together the passes. On DM I am going to do Level 7. Last week I got my spotter pike jump brani  tuck! A level 7 pass I might use. I am working to get level 7 on tramp to but we will see. I am stuck on the porpoise tuck. Now my coach is Stephany who is AMAZING! She was an Elite tumbler and was also a gymnast. She went on an LDS mission and when she came home she walked onto the BYU gymnastics team. And she still has it!
She decided to compete last year. She slaughtered at nationals taking third in level 9. She competed against kids way younger than she is and she has two kids. She is an awesome coach and has us do really good conditioning. (some people are not so great full for the in tenseness of it  but I sure am do to the fact that I could now beat almost every boy at school in an arm wrestle and every girl for sure. Thanks Steph!) She is really good at teaching you new skills and making us have beautiful whips. She is the best Double-mini coach and the only Double-mini coach for our team.

All in all, I love tumbling and hope I didn't lose any of you when you where reading it. I tried to make it as easy to understand as possible. I think its almost like learning another language. So sorry if you can't understand I'll try to put videos on to make it easier. so bare with me.

That's my tumbling life!!!