Team Flipside

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National Championships 2012~ Long Beach, California  
(sorry I don't know how to rotate pictures....You will just have to turn your head)

The smoke from the fires on the drive down

The arena

The little ones on the pier

 New Port Beach Temple to do Baptisms for the dead

 Lunch on the pier

 Disneyland with my family, and my coaches family

4th of July & the food cart fire

per-competition tunes thanks to EFY!

Waiting for my teammates...My sis and I had fun with my camera

 the aquarium

just a bunch of hyper kids waiting for the passport buss


March in

How my team entertains themselves... 


Team Flipside 2012

National Championships 2011
San Antonio, Texas

Regionals 2011

State Championships 2011

Some old tumbling pictures