Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gymnastics guide

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USA Gymnastics magizine September/October

This is the USA Gymnastics magazine for September/October. It is also at the very bottom of the blog. I will try to update them as they come. I think this is a cool way for USAG to advertise and a fun way for us to read it. Enjoy!

p.s. If you want past issues leave a comment telling me witch one and I will see if I can get it.

Uneven Bars Mount Guide Gymnastics

These are so cool! I wish we still did round off mounts these days. I love them.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Celebrating Us: 1996 Altanta Olympics - Kerri Strug's Gold Medal V...

Celebrating Us: 1996 Altanta Olympics - Kerri Strug's Gold Medal V...: "I thought I would post the original Kerri Strug vault. I absolutely love this video. It's amazing check it out! p.s. It made me laugh when I..."

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kerri Strug - Visa Commercial Olympics 1996

I have found a new love with gymnastics biography's. My friend thinks it's weird but I love them. I have read My Child, My Hero. By Claudia Miller. This book is about Shannon miller and her life in gymnastics. I just finished reading Landing on my feet. By Kerri Strug. She is one of my favorites. I loved her book and it was my favorite out of the two. This is a commercial about her in the 1996 Olympics. And my second or third favorite moment in Olympic history. After Shawn Johnson, and Nastia Liukin in the 2008 Olympics.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

new blog background

Do you guys like the new blog background? I had to change it to make my new 3 column layout fit. This was one of my top choices the first time I was choosing backgrounds but the other one won. The other one didn't have a 3 column version so I used this one. Cute hu? well I like it. That's all from me. AstaLasagna Friends as my sister would say.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Quote #3

"Gymnasts are angels because they are the only humans who can fly."


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tumbling hair do's

This is a post I put on my hair blog www.happygoluckyhair.blogspot.com and I thought I should put it on this blog because it has to do with tumbling. So enjoy!

As you may know by reading my previous blogs I am a competitive tumbler. These are some of the many hairdo's I have worn at competitions. Some better than others. I'll tell you why and tell you how to do some of them to!

This is from the Utah summer games two years ago and I did not want to let my mom french braid my hair so I just put it in pigtails THIS IS NOT ADVISED FOR COMPETITION! At any normal USA-G sanctioned competition this would not be allowed because they want you to have your hair pulled back tightly and if it is long it needs to be in a bun of some sort. But at summer games they don't care much about that kind of stuff so I was okay.

This was at the Utah Sate Championships last year and my team decided to dye our hair blue to match our leotards. (I am the one turned away talking to one of the competitors.) It was really fun. I decided to use the spray color so that I wouldn't get in trouble at school on Monday. Some of my team that where out of high school actually dyed their hair and kept it for quite a while. All I had to do was make the braids then spray them with the hair dye like I was spraying them with hairspray. I got the hair dye at Clair's but you could get it other places to. But I don't recommend this for anything bigger than state championships because judges can take deductions for it so I would be even cautious at state. At region 1 championships last year they took a 1 point deduction for unnatural hair color. And this is a BIG deduction especially when you are trying to qualify for nationals.

This was at a meet about two years ago. Front twist into bun. I do this one allot because It stays tight (if you use as much hairspray as I do for meets and that's allot!) and doesn't threaten to touch the ground. (A major deduction.) The only downside on this is I use bobby pins for my buns and bobby pins are not allowed anymore at meets because there was a bobby pin on the mat and a girl was tumbling and it went through right through her hand. OUCH! but hey, you have no rules about using bobby pins so it is still a perfect do for you!

 I'm not sure you can see it in these two pictures. I have my hair loosely french braided. It didn't stay in very well and it kept bugging me during the competition. It was only loose because my mom doesn't know how to french braid other peoples hair. So I recommend having someone who can braid OTHER peoples hair do your hair. Or if you are like my mom, do your own. :)

Mind the second picture I don't know what I was doing. To me it looks like I am sneezing but I don't know that's just me. This is an ever popular one I see at meets.  I use this one often. You can do many variations of this hairdo as seen in the three pictures. The first two are what I like to call the diamond or zig zag hairdo. What you do is start by parting one row of hair. Take pieces of that row and secure them with a small rubber band. After you do the first row part the second row. Section this row so the pieces are in between the ones in front of them. (see pictures.) Before you secure with rubber band take half of each of the two sections in front of them. Continue doing this with as many rows as you want. In the third picture I did almost the same thing but I took one large section on the top of my head and split it into two sections horizontally and connected them. Then I sectioned the sides in to sections vertically. And pulled the entire thing back into a bun. Be creative with this one the possibility are endless. 

p.s. I had to tell you about this. In the third picture my little cousin (blond girl in the pink.) had just asked me where my pants where. When I replied they where in my bag she insisted I go get them and put them on. She is so cute and makes me laugh every time I see her. I love you Cami!

As you may have noticed with these pictures It is hard to even see because it is so blurry. This is because I am moving so fast and as you can imagine, It would be hard for my hair to stay in. But mine is staying in just fine. Want to know my secret? Okay so first I always do something with my bangs, either I twist it

or I braid it, clip it, pin it, or pull it back with a small pony tale holder. Then I pull it back into a tight "midish" ponytail. Then I spray it wit a generous amount of hairspray. Then I put a scrunchy in it over the other ponytail holder. The scrunchy helps hold the hair tighter. And it doesn't slip out as easy. So that's my secret to a tight ponytail that stay's in during tumbling.

So these are some of my hairstyles I do for tumbling. I hope you guys like them and can use them for something even though I'm sure most of you aren't competitive tumblers. You can use these for whatever sport you do or you can just do them for fun. Thanks for reading! :)