Saturday, December 22, 2012

Power Tumbling in the Olympics

I had a dream last night that I competed in the Olympics. I know, you are probably imagining me tumbling. But no. See Power Tumbling is NOT IN THE OLYMPICS! so in my dream I just showed up and randomly picked a sport that was. What did I pick? Wrestling. Ya. I know. So I signed up and was waiting at the door ready to walk in when a lady told me that I had to wrestle in another room first. She led me to the room with no spectators and I was so mad! There was a guy there and he told me I could wrestle someone. Lets call him Killer. Killer was a HUGE man who smoked and was super physically fit. I am a little 4'9" girl. I was scared! So we wrestled and AFTER he pinned me he grabbed my foot and broke my ankle with his bare hands. I vowed never to wrestle again. I also vowed to do my part to GET POWER TUMBLING IN THE OLYMPICS! So here I am.

Dear I.O.C.,
People everywhere would love it if you would put Power Tumbling in the Olympics! So please consider it.
Sincerely, Whitney along with thousands of other people.

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