Friday, January 18, 2013

coach quotes

"Tumbling is not like other sports where your weaknesses can be overshadowed by the team. Here your weaknesses will be found out very quickly, but are you okay with that and can you commit yourself to: making you better?
Tumbling makes you
face fears you never imagined! After that scary fall or that first time at a new skill, it says a lot about your true character on whether you are determined to go for it.
Tumbling makes you stronger physically, mentally and emotionally, though at times it may feel like your falling apart in one or all those areas.
I feel it is at those times you have to make the choice to take the next step forward. Let me tell you, tumbling will never let you stay in one place for too long. You must be progressing forward, pushing yourself to be better and work harder every training or you'll lose all passion for it!"

 -Stephanie Rennie {my super awesome Double Mini coach}

p.s. First tumbling meet of the year tomorrow! Good luck everyone!