Thursday, February 23, 2012


Hey everyone! Sorry I don't post very often anymore I am super buisy! This Saturday my gym is hosting a tumbling competition!! That means I have to stay all day long. but that's okay I love meets! So I have gotten a nasty cold and have been drinking orange juice like crazy! When I'm sick it usually affects my tumbling. But yesterday I went to the gym super determined. Super determined that I wouldn't let it touch me. I was super determined that I would hit 2nd pass so that I was ready for Saturday. And I did just that! Did some of the best passes I have ever done in my life!!! I'm so stoked for Saturday now! I'm competing
Whip whip 4 tuck shoot out
Whip whip 4 full
Then I went to double mini and it is going pretty good! Then I went to tramp.... On tramp I did the BEST pass I have ever done and I am finially doing my whole pass! But then...I landed on my head. It was on the tramp and it wasnt too bad but still it's my head. I got up and did another great pass just so I wouldnt be freaked out on Saturday. But still today my neck is kinked :/ So with my nasty cold that I probubly got from being so buisy and having a lack of sleep, and my sore neck my mom told me I should stay home from school and rest :) ya I know weird right! My mom was convincing me to stay home! Haha so I'm at home and hopefully it helps! So excited for saturday!!
Go FlIpSiDe!!

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"know, first, who you are; and adorn yourself accordingly."

I'm a tumbler so I adorn yourself with leotards and sometimes medals. But if your a lawyer or a school teacher, please don't put on a leotard! :)